For the complete Compensation Plan document, please contact your Zurvita Consultant. They can provide you with this detailed document.

Zeal is marketed exclusively by Zurvita Consultants. The Wellness industry is rapidly approaching a $1 Trillion dollar industry and there couldn't be a better time to get involved!

As a Zurvita Consultant you have the ability to earn money by retailing Zeal for Life products as well as by building a team of like-minded individuals that do the same.

There are 4 ways to earn income with Zurvita:

  1. Team Bonuses
  1. Builders Bonuses
  1. Personal Sales
  1. Overrides

Team Bonus

Zurvita has introduced a revolutionary new Team Bonus that gives you the ability to tap into the efforts of every Zurvita Consultant in your entire organization.

New Consultants will be given 30 days from their start date to qualify for a one-time $1,000 All-Star Team Bonus when their team’s revenue reaches $3,000 in new Team Business Volume.

Existing Consultants can qualify for a $400 Team Bonus each and every time their entire organization reaches $3,000 in new Team Business Volume.

Or Existing Consultants can choose to qualify for a $600 Z-Car Team Bonus for their first Team Bonus of each month! Every team bonus after the first of each month pays $600 cash per team bonus!

The $3,000 Business Volume must be from Builders Paks, Quick Start Paks and Wellness Paks from all new accounts for 30 days. Consultants can use a maximum of 45% from any leg.


Builders Bonus

As a Zurvita Consultant, you can also earn a 20% Builders Bonus from the (product) Starter Paks purchased by new Consultants. Every time a Consultant that you personally sponsor purchases a Builders Pak, you earn $100. Every time a Consultant that you personally sponsor purchases a Quick Start Pak, you earn $60. These bonuses are paid weekly.

Personal Sales

You can earn 20% commission on all your personal sales every month! Because of Zurvita’s powerful Preferred Customer program, most people buy direct from your website, so you don’t have to stock or deliver product! You can also purchase products from your Z-Center at a 20% discount!


For long term financial freedom, the most exciting part of the Zurvita Opportunity is the ability to earn additional monthly residual income from the sale of Zeal for Life products! You will receive commissions every month from sales to your direct customers as well as the sales to customers that come into your organization indirectly as a result of the efforts of Consultants in your organization.

Paul GettyAs Oil Billionaire J. Paul Getty once said... "I'd rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort."

Deeper Dive on OverRides

Business Consultants can start building their business by making overrides on their first level.

Managing Consultants earn overrides on their 1st and 2nd levels.

Senior Consultants can earn overrides on their 1st through 4th levels.

Regional Consultants can earn overrides down to their 5th level.

Executive Consultants can earn overrides down to their 6th level.

National Directors can earn overrides down to their 7th level.

Presidential Directors can earn overrides down to their 8th level as well as a 2% Infinity Bonus down through the next Presidential Director’s 8th level.

Ambassadors can earn overrides down to their 8th level as well as a 2% Infinity Bonus down through the next Ambassador’s 8th level.

Monthly Override Example

The following example is for illustrative purposes only. Your results will vary.

Let’s assume that you have 5 personal customers and that you enroll 4 like-minded consultants into your Zurvita business that do the same. Everybody gets 4 Consultants and each Consultant gets 5 customers.

As an Ambassador you could earn up to seven figures per month!

How could that be possible?

Through the power of duplication!

Level # of Consultants # of Zeal Customers Percent Commission Monthly Commission
  You 5 20% $60
1 4 20 5% $60
2 16 80 5% $240
3 64 320 5% $960
4 256 1,280 5% $3840
5 1024 5,120 5% $15,360
6 4096 20480 5% $61,440
7 16,384 81,920 5% $245,760
8 65,536 327,680 5% $983,040

This commission is based on a Zeal Canister Preferred Customer and does not include infinity levels for Presidential Directors or Ambassadors, nor does it include commissions on Wellness Paks or other products purchased by Consultants in your organization!

This is obviously a hypothetical example in a perfect world.

Well, perhaps you were only 10% as successful as this example. That’s still over $130,000 per month… that’s $1,560,000 per year in residual income and remember: you got 5 customers and 4 consultants!

With a product as unique and as powerful as Zeal, the sky is the limit, but you must become a Zurvita Consultant first! ENROLL NOW!

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