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My name is Linda,   I was a health food store junky!!!  Between the wheat grass, nona, goji, and Acai juice I was spending easily $100 a month and that was not including any vitamins or minerals. To save money I was only using these products every other day, I saw no benefits. I  just felt OK. My friend introduced me to Zeal a few months ago. What started out with just wanting to save some money, I did that, but I also got some amazing results.   I feel great, healthy, and my energy level has skyrocketed!!!!  I have an incredible feeling of wellness that comes with drinking this amazing product.  My 90 day Zeal for Life Challenge is one to promote, share the many benefits that Zeal provides, physical and financial.  So if you are tired of just feeling ok, and want to create some financial income contact me.   I'm very grateful that you given me the time to share my success story Linda
Linda Stiles

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