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Collin Porterfield

La Jolla, California
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Born to a 15-year-old mother, I grew up in a lower-middle-class family with all the usual financial problems. So I focused on being the best student possible. I graduated first in my high school class and was "most likely to succeed." Then I graduated summa cum laude from college. Desiring to help people, I decided to stand up for those who couldn't and went to a top law school and to work at a law firm with the highest starting salary in the country. However, after 25 years, I was burnt out and disenchanted with the winner/loser nature of the business. Now, my deep passion is to build people up and help them achieve financial and career success rather than playing the old zero-sum game. I work with a high-performance team of people who specialize in helping people around the world identify exactly what they want in life and create specific action plans and help them execute to achieve their goals.

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