Zeal Combo Pak

Zeal Combo Pak

Our Zeal Combo Pak includes a Zeal canister and 12 Zeal single-serving bottles.

Choose a MIXED pak that contains a canister of your choice and 12 mixed single-serving bottles that include all our flavors (2 Bold Grape, 3 Mango Classic, 2 Tropic Dream, 2 Wild Berry, 3 Wild Berry Classic).

Or choose a MATCHED pak where the canister and the 12 single-serving bottles are all your same favorite flavor.

**Please Note: Guarana Free is not available in single-serving bottles so orders for Guarana Free canisters come with single-serving bottles that contain Guarana.

Due to high demand, we are temporarily out of stock of our Wild Berry Guarana Free Zeal flavor. We apologize for this inconvenience and will keep you posted with new developments. For any questions or concerns, please contact us at hereforyou@zurvita.com or +1 (844) 987-8482.

$109.95 USD