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My Story

My adventure with Zeal is not a super-dramatic story, as many are: I didn't have severe health conditions, or major weight to lose when I was given Zeal Wellness samples in the summer of 2013.

However, I WAS in a lot of muscle/bone pain - to the point where if I didn't do yoga or serious exercise every single day, I was hurting, physically. 

What I noticed first about Zeal Wellness was that withing two days, I no longer wanted or needed the two thermos-mugs-full of tea so black that people regularly mistook it for coffee, just to get moving in the morning. This was amazing to me - a caffeine-free life?  REALLY? (I still drink it for fun, occasionally, but not for necessity. Zeal Wellness gave me wayyyyy more energy, in a sustained way, throughout my days.) And there were no withdrawal symptoms from dropping black tea for Zeal..

The second thing I noticed was that after taking Zeal Wellness & protein shakes daily for about two months, my aches and pains literally vanished.  I didn't need to do heavy exercise or stretching (via yoga) every single day in order to keep my physical body from hurting!!!!! This was pretty much miraculous, as far as I was concerned - at the time, I was 46 years old and had just assumed that physical aches were part of my aging process. 

The revelation that I could live ache-and-pain free was a staggering one, and is really what launched my passion for sharing Zeal For Life with everyone I meet!  There IS a better way to live, and function, in this world - one can indeed have radiant good health as a birth-right, not as a 'maybe.'

And that's my story, to date, with Zeal For Life!  = )   

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