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Virginia Sgromolo

, South Carolina
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My Story

First things first, I love God, myself and my 2 teens. The night prior to being intoduced to Zurvita I told God I was letting go of the worry concerning my income because in summer of 2015 I am losing my alimony. I trusted He would show me how, what and when to make this happen. When watching the video at a Zeal for Life Challenge party, I literally saw God's glow over the hands of the rice bran. I then made a promise that if I made $500 in the next 5 days I would purchase the builders pack. I made $400 in 2 days (i am a massage therapist) thats the when! then I went to the convention in Nashville and I heard about the how! Belief and trust are what I know to be two very vital pieces to a successful life. Now I have to learn the rest. In 2011, God told me I was to be a Healer. He made me a LMT and now he brought me Zeal Wellness to share to all I can. Life is good. Thanks, Infinite love and gratitude, Virginia

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