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Zeal+ Canister


Zurvita’s high-energy nutritional drink mix solution in a zesty Citrus Surge flavor, available in a 30-serving per canister mix.

Zeal+, a super-energizing nutritional drink mix blend with over 55 whole food nutrients PLUS botanical extracts that includes EnXtra® alpinia galangal extract, taurine, green coffee extract (leaf) and guarana seed extract with natural caffeine. Clinically proven to reduce stress and increase productivity. Like Classic Zeal, it provides the same vitamins and minerals, along with powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients – now with an extra blast of delicious clean energy!

30 Day Guarantee Informed
Available sizes:

30-Serving Canister

10 Packets
One-time purchase:
$79.95 USD
Smart Subscribe & Save:
$69.95 USD
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