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15% off all Zurvita products (Or 25% off for VIP Consultants)
Birthday Gift
Loyalty Points
Free Samples / Products Opportunities
Special VIP Exclusive Promotions
Exclusive Seasonal or Limited-Edition Products
Travel Assist Program
Early Access to Promotions & Flash Sales
Access to G3 Program



Sign up*, plus set up a Smart Subscribe† to earn points and gain access.


$1 spent = 1 point. Plus, there are more ways to earn rewards when you become a Consultant! Save up to 25% on all your Zurvita orders.


Redeem your points for discounts on Zurvita products!

* Sign up for a one-time fee is $19.95 USD for Customers, $14.95 for Zurvita Consultants
†Smart Subscribe order must be $56.95 USD or more


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For a complete list of how to accrue points, see our FAQs below.


1-3 months of consecutive Smart Subscribe Orders
Earn 1 point per dollar spent on product purchases*
4-6 months of consecutive Smart Subscribe Orders
Earn 1.25 points per dollar spent on product purchases*

7+ months of consecutive Smart Subscribe Orders
Earn 1.5 points per dollar spent on product purchases*
A: You can join the VIP Program for a onetime fee of $19.95 for Preferred Customers or $14.95 for Consultants, and immediately unlock more savings as well as start accumulating loyalty points. Every time you make a purchase, your points will add up! You can use your points to redeem awesome rewards and get access to exclusive membersonly perks and benefits.
VIP & LOYALTY PERKS Earn up to 1.5 points per dollar spent on all product purchases
Birthday Gift
Travel Assist Program
Early Access to Promotions & Flash Sales
Special VIP Exclusive Promotions
Access to G3 Program Share the Love: Get 3 and earn Products for Free*
Free Samples / Products Opportunities
Exclusive Seasonal or Limited-Edition Products
A: The points you earn are based on your tier level and determine the number of points you get for every dollar spent. That includes Smart Subscribe orders as well as one-time orders purchases (excludes Starter Paks, Apparel Store, Tools, Merchandise). The longer you keep your active subscription the bigger the rewards and the more points you earn! In addition to other ways of earning points.
ACTIVITIES Points Earned
VIP Welcome Bonus 30
For Subscribing to SMS† 50
For Writing a Review
(1 review per Zurvita product)
Connect with us on Instagram 20
For Completing 1 Year of Smart Subscribe Orders while being a VIP member 1,000
Tier 2 (Ruby) Upgrade Bonus 150
Tier 3 (Diamond) Upgrade Bonus 200
Download and use the Z-Mobile app 75
A: Your minimum Smart Subscribe order must be $56.95 or over to qualify to move up in levels. Your point accrual includes Smart Subscribe orders, additional purchases, regardless of if you’re on a Smart Subscribe or not (EXCLUDES Starter Paks and non-product purchases—Apparel Store, Tools, Merchandise).
A: No, Starter Paks do not count toward points.
A: As long as there is a transaction, yes! If you make an additional purchase for the month through your “Customer Portal” yes, you will still accrue points. However, if there was a skipped or missed consecutive month of a Smart Subscribe order, you would lose your achieved level as that is determined by the consistency of orders.
A: To continue to get perks, discounted pricing etc., you have to re-enroll. If you want to continue as a VIP member, you must pay the VIP fee again in order to participate.
A: Yes, after one year your points will expire.
Customer/Consultant Type Savings/Discount
Regular Price -
Preferred Customer 10%
VIP Customer 15%
Consultant 20%
VIP Consultant 25%
A: The Travel Assist Program is an exclusive perk fully funded by Zurvita and included exclusively for Consultants and Preferred Customers actively enrolled in the VIP Program with an active Smart Subscribe order. Learn more here: http://www.travel-assist-termsand-conditions.com/
A: This program will continue and will be merged with the VIP Perks Program. There are adjustments to the current G3 program that will provide for a streamlined way to maintain these perks going to the super fans and true VIP! “Every month you Get 3 Customers to enroll, renew or any combination of the two, with a $56.95+ purchase you can earn up to a $60 credit towards your own Smart Subscribe order!”
A: The new G3 Program is an exclusive perk only accessible to active VIP Customers and Consultants. You can upgrade to VIP at any time and enjoy the perks!
A: Please note only products are redeemable via points and cannot be used in conjunction with any other payment method.
A: Preferred Customers and Consultants that have completed a successful consecutive Smart Subscribe order during February, March and April, or enrolled with a Starter Pak in February and have had a Smart Subscribe in March and April; will be automatically grandfathered and upgraded to VIP Program. We will waive the enrollment fee and they can start benefiting from these perks instantly!