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My wife and I are absolutely in love with Zeal. In 2011 I had gained quite a bit of weight, it resulted in me not being able to run because my knees were hurting so bad. My wife was not able to lose all her baby weight either, she dieted and worked out but the weight just wouldn't come off. Then we stumbled upon Zeal! I had only been on Zeal for 3 days when I got the courage to go try and run again and ended up running my fastest 3 mile run ever (23min). I lost over 20lbs in my first month and I've never been healthier. My wife was also able to reach her fitness goals with the help of Zeal products. We simply share our results with people and then they want to know where to get Zeal too! So we passionately share the products and the opportunity behind it that have given us our health back as well as financial freedom! Please feel free to email or call with any questions. We would love to tell you our story!
Kyle Granger

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