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Michele Huddleston

, California
Phone : 916-849-5226
Email : mwinhud@gmail.com
Web : www.zurvita.com/michelehuddleston

My Story

I always thought that I ate healthy and I took supplements, occasionally. Why? I can't take pills very well - and why occasionally - I never felt any different. Once I starting taking ZEAL, I have never missed a day. WHY? I feel great, better than I ever have. Am sleeping better, don't have any sugar cravings, lots of energy. Now I can tell the difference put quality whole plant food in my system.

For me, I want to share Zeal and help people get healthy, feel great, and therefore want to share it with others. 

Would love to work with you. Am always looking for people that want to share the healthy lifestyle that Zeal promotes, with an awesome company that supports everyone.

So call me at 916-849-5226, I would love to talk to you or email me at mwinhud@gmail.com

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