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Wendy Hiemenz

Houston, Texas
Phone : 832-264-9932
Email : hiemenz78@gmail.com
Web : www.zurvita.com/save

My Story

I am so exciting to be doing what I have always had a passion for and that is helping people live a healthy, more fulfilling life!   I have been on this health and fitness journey now since 1996 when we were faced with some life and death decisions concerning our health.  We started our journey that year and have never regretted it!  I am healthier and more alive than when we first started.   Never would I have thought that our business would be revolving around a product that would go hand in hand with our crusade for health.   Zeal has been an answer to prayers in so many lives and we are blessed to offer such an incredible product!  I am a big advocate that you need to be a product of what you offer others.  I wouldn't live a day without taking Zeal.   Since I started on Zeal in January 2011, I am no longer getting sinus headaches, bronchitis or pneumonia and thought I would have to live with arthritis from a back injury when I was in college.   After 6 months on Zeal, I no longer wake up with pain and have been pain free since then. I started the weight management when we launched in August of 2011 to see if I could lose the 10 pounds that had crept on with age :-(  I had tried other diets and even killing myself at the gym,  but just couldn't get them off and keep them off!   With this weight management program, I was able to get lose 9 pounds of fat and gain 2 pounds of muscle in less than a month and lost enough inches to get back into my "skinny" clothes.  It feels sooo good to finally get rid of my "fat" clothes knowing I won't need them anymore.  I will be on our program forever :-)  I call the fat burners my blessing pills! It is now a way of life for me and I am looking forward to helping as many people as I can enjoy the same results with the Zeal for Life Challenge!   Being a coach and mentor with Zurvita customers and consultants has been such a blessing.  Watching lives being changed physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financilly has been so rewarding.   Every day I wake up and ask God to bring another person in my path that I can work with and help become everything that they have always wanted to be and I thank Him for the lives that have already been transformed.
Wendy Hiemenz

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