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Meet Our Sponsored Children

Here at Zurvita, we are led by faith with a two-part mission: one, to empower people to take control of their health and happiness through award-winning natural wellness products and two, to feed hope and spread compassion, specifically by feeding hungry families worldwide.  

As a company, we provide food and assistance for those in need through a powerful partnership with SERV International and our Zeal for Meals program. Through Zeal for Meals, we donate three meals for every 30 servings of Zeal or Zundora sold, as well as one meal for every 15 servings of Zeal+, 10 servings of Zeal, or Zurge sold. But when we began to donate meals to remote villages of Northern Kenya and in Nairobi, we knew we needed to do more!  

House of Hope is a refuge for children who have lost one or both parents. In this house, they don’t suffer from food insecurity and have access to health care, education, and the word of God. Each time we reach 200K meals donated, we have pledged to sponsor a child at House of Hope.  

It is all thanks to the unwavering support of our Zurvita Family that we can continue to make a difference and that we have been able to sponsor three children so far! Meet the newest members of our Zurvita family: Tebow, Arukudi, and Elimlim!  

Charles, known affectionately as Tebow, is a 5-year-old boy from Nakwamekwi. He was born into extreme poverty and has been through a lot. Tebow now has a new family at House of Hope. He eats well every day and studies with great teachers. He is learning how to create a better future for himself. And he is finally getting a chance to be a kid, as every child deserves! 

Arukudi Ewoi is a 4-year-old girl. She comes from a family of illiterate pastoralists. When her dad left without a trace, her mother made brooms to sell and be able to support the family. However, when the brooms did not sell, she was not able to feed her family. Arukudi was placed in House of Hope to improve her quality of life. We cannot wait to see how far this girl will go in life! 

Orphaned in Kanamkermer Village, six-year-old Elimlim survived by knocking on doors, seeking help and kindness wherever he could find it. Born with a fragile heart, Elimlim faced life-threatening risks in his daily activities until he found refuge at the House of Hope and was able to receive life-saving surgery. Elimlim was originally sponsored by beloved Zurvita Consultant, Roger Moody, who sadly passed earlier this year. Thanks to the consistent support from our Zeal for Meals program, we have been able to take on his sponsorship.

Despite their challenges, these children's smiles shine brightly, a testament to the generosity of YOU: our Zurvita Family. Your dedication and constant donations have transformed their lives, filling them with hope, joy, and a future full of possibilities. We are eager to watch them grow and accomplish their dreams.  

But our commitment does not stop there! As we celebrate Elimlim joining our Zurvita Family, we look forward to our next goal of another 200K meals donated to continue sponsoring children who need our support. You can contribute to our cause by ordering Zeal, Zurge, and Zundora, or by donating your VIP points.  

Let’s reach the next 200k meals!