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My Story

When I started taking Zeal in August 2013, I was at the end of my rope physically and financially.  All I did was sit on the couch and watch TV and complain about how bad I felt all the time.  It had gotten so bad that I needed a walking cane to get around.  My husband was watching me go downhill and was very concerned about me.  TODAY, I am loving my life!  I have energy, enthusiasm, and resilence!  I never watch TV now because I love sharing the ZEAL FOR LIFE CHALLENGE and telling others how it changed my life.  I'm even making money, paying bills and remodeling my house

I have a bounce in my step and my cane is on the mantle besides a picture of Jesus.  I BELIEVE that ZEAL has a combination of nutrition that is both restorative and transformational.  The integrity of the company's values is unlike any I've ever seen.  They give so much to us and teach us to PAY IT FORWARD.  If you are in a place where life has started to become meaningless, call me - 281-684-9101 or visit my facebook page  -  I really am WELL FOR REAL!!

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