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A Love Letter From Our 16-Year-Old Self to Yours

In a world that never stops, where time rushes forward, we often forget to take a moment to appreciate the wonders within us. This month, we celebrate our 16th anniversary, not just as a company but as a journey of self-love and self-discovery.

We reflect about the feeling of being 16, the world was filled with hope, dreams, excitement, and boundless energy. Every day was an adventure, and the future held endless possibilities. In that spirit, we write a love letter to you and ourselves to rediscover that youthful spirit within.

Our Zeal for life was at the surface; that youthful enthusiasm was shining every day, just like the radiant glow of youth with Zundora

We discovered the wonder of the vibrant human body, we could go from school, to friends, to a party, and back again to school, non-stop.

Our metabolism operated like a well-oiled machine, swiftly burning everything we ate, as if we had already discovered Burn, no matter how indulgent the foods were like fried chicken, pepperoni pizzas and burgers.

And after one, two or even three heartbreaks we learned to love ourselves the way Zurge loves – with all our heart but being smart, because we realized we deserved nothing but the best. 

This month, as we celebrate our "Sweet 16th" anniversary, we remember to cherish our bodies like never before, because they hold our beautiful souls. For every heartbeat, every gut feeling, every moment of recovery, and every morning our bodies wake up, we say thank you! 

Let's embrace today, awaken with gratitudeand continue this journey of self-love together.

Cheers to the future filled with boundless hope, health, energy, and excitement! Zeals up!💖