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How to take charge of your nutrition!

March is National Nutrition month! Our mission is to be a company that helps people take charge of their health and happiness. We are passionate about health and wellness, which is why we are dedicated to creating products that suit your nutritional needs AND your lifestyle.

Maybe you have been feeling the winter blues. Or perhaps you are tired of feeling sluggish from eating junk food. Whatever your reason for wanting to switch gears and focus on reaching your health goals, now is the perfect time to start! And the perfect place to start is with your nutrition.

Read on for tips on how to take charge of your nutrition!

Read the label:

When buying your food, follow the 5/20 rule. If the % Daily Value shows 5%, it means it is a low amount of that nutrient; on the contrary, a 20% indicates a high amount of specific nutrient. You want to have higher amounts of good nutrients like calcium, potassium and vitamins and fewer levels of sodium, sugar and saturated fats. This basic knowledge will help you make informed decisions. 

Take your vitamins: 

Zeal contains a synergy of vitamins and nutrients working together to stimulate and support a healthy immune system, including vitamins A, C, D3, E, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12, gamma oryzanol, folic acid, zinc, magnesium, biotin, stabilized rice bran, ashwagandha, aloe vera, ginseng, green tea, turmeric, acai berry, noni juice and more! With over 100 whole food constituents, Zeal works to provide a foundation of nutritional support. 

Keep healthy foods readily available at home and at work: 

The easiest way to stay healthy at work or on the run is to have healthy snacks or between meal options readily available. Consider stocking up on all natural Zurvita Protein, made with the most nutrient-rich ingredients and powerful superfood, rice bran. Available in Chocolate Delight and Vanilla Crème, Zurvita Protein is convenient, ideal for busy people on-the-go and the perfect snack when combined with Zeal and other nutritional options like fruits or vegetables.

Optimize your routine:

Wake up your body’s vital functions with Cleanse and pump up your energy and focus with Zeal. Before breakfast, help optimize your metabolism with Burn. 

If you want a healthy snack, you can enjoy Zurvita Protein which is the building block for your muscles. Before lunch you can take another Burn, this will maintain healthy glucose levels. To reenergize again, take Zeal and ensure your daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

Before exercise, take three Amino Acids to help you to burn more fat and increase endurance. After your workout, help aid in muscle recovery with Zurvita Protein. At the end of your day, wrap it up and clean your body with Cleanse prebiotics and probiotics.

If you incorporate the above tips into your lifestyle on a regular basis, but occasionally have a sweet tooth or crave a fast-food fix — relax and go for it — in moderation, of course. Eating delicious food is one of life’s guilty pleasures, just make sure to get back on track, make conscious choices and stay focused on the end goal of living a healthier lifestyle.