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Dr. Michiel and Kelly Rorick reside in Houston, Texas where, together, they own and operate a very successful multi-disciplined private medical practice.  They’ve been doing this together successfully for 18 of the 25 years that Michiel has been practicing, and each year the business just does better and better.  Many couples are not able to work and live together without creating some serious problems in the marriage, but for this couple, it was the perfect answer.   Outside of their busy medical practice, Michiel and Kelly are founding executive consultants, national expansion leaders and trainers with Zurvita, coming on board at pre-launch and establishing themselves as top producers with the company.

Prior to coming into business with Michiel, Kelly was a successful entrepreneur in network marketing.  At a very young age, Kelly had started a business part time in Mary Kay Cosmetics in the mid 80’s.  She received her first company car three months after starting the business, which was record time in  that company, as you cannot earn a company car in no less than three months with Mary Kay Cosmetics.  Kelly then debuted as one of the youngest sales directors in Mary Kay Cosmetics the very next month, another record breaker for the business, as it takes at least one to four months  to qualify as director in that business.   “Sold” that the business obviously does work, Kelly quit her full time job of managing apartment complexes and went full time with Mary Kay Cosmetics, earning pink cars and other miscellaneous rewards and residual income along the way.  After many years in the network marketing industry, Kelly retired from the industry to join forces with Michiel in his private practice to manage and market the practice for him.   Working together as a team, the practice doubled in size and revenue in just three short months after Kelly joined the practice.

Earlier this year the Rorick’s decided that now would be a good time to get back in to network marketing and add a second avenue of residual income to their income portfolio.  Although they are very successful with their medical practice, there are many headaches and stress’s of running their own business, huge over head expenses, micro managing and babysitting employees and then on top of all of the grief and headaches, and the worst part about it, there is nothing residual about the income, meaning that to keep making what they are making, their were going to have to keep doing what they are doing.  Trading time for money.   Their goal is to build a large network marketing organization that will produce a significantly large residual income in order to retire from the medical industry.  Residual wealth and time freedom are high on their priority list.   Zurvita just celebrated their official grand launch on August 8, 2008. 

This is a very exciting time for new consultants to come on board when a company is still in their launch phase, on ground floor.  Zurvita is still in it’s infancy stage with plenty of room for any individual to come on board and open Zurvita up in their home town.  Why not you?  Why not now?  If not now?  When?

Timing in any business is crucial.  Being at the right place at the right time, and knowing you are there is a wonderful situation to be in.  Zurvita was just pre-launching when they joined.  Getting in on ground floor of such a huge opportunity is very exciting.  Learning how the deregulation of energy, the largest industry in this country, was just beginning across the country, and understanding how much wealth was created in the deregulation of the telecom, they quickly realized how Zurvita was different than most network marketing companies.  The typical product of most of these companies are the usual drinks, vitamins, skin care, and vacations.  The Rorick’s learned that Zurvita markets essential products and services in the most high demand, recession proof and in the most lucrative industries in this country.  Products that were recession proof and residual income really struck a chord with the Rorick’s, and in today’s economic down turn, this was also just as critically important.

Aside from their exceptional leadership, one of the major benefits of aligning with Z-Team 212 is the team’s exclusive Web 2.0 Internet Marketing System. This exclusive system is offered to all members of their team, Z-Team 212.  This turnkey system is loaded with web templates, lead capture pages, ton’s of videos, e-mail auto-responders, downloadable software, an mlm boot camp training course, an internet marketing training course, online tutorials, video tutorials, many resources and much, much more. Every member of the Z-Team 212 is equipped to build a very successful home based business on the internet by using this exclusive system. Not only is this a powerful way to grow a very successful home based business online but it is also a very powerful recruiting tool. To be able to offer this system to a prospect is invaluable. It’s kind of a no brainer when something like this is offered. 

Outside of juggling a busy medical practice, commuting 3 hours a day to and from their medical practice, and building a network marketing organization, the couple like to travel, ski and scuba dive, spend time with their family and hang out on their ranch near La Grange, Texas.  Avid animal lovers, the Rorick’s have four dogs and strictly enforce a “No Hunting Allowed” law when friends and family come to visit their 250 acre ranch, a place where many birds, ducks , deer and other wildlife have “made a home”. 

See how their Web 2.0 Internet Marketing System can help you by watching the third video at: or call them directly at 713-823-3585. 

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