Zurvita Distributors Raise $70,000 and Volunteer to Build Home for Refugee Family

Zurvita Giving raised funds and volunteers to help build a home for a refugee family through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

Northeast Houston home given to refugee family

As part of Houston Habitat for Humanity, Zurvita Giving has helped build a safe and comfortable home for a family in need.

Zurvita’s Zeal for Meals Program Provides Over 170,000 meals

World hunger remains a prevalent, worldwide issue, and Zurvita’s family is committed to fighting this. Zurvita’s Zeal for Meals program has already provided 170,000 out of the goal of one million meals to communities in need!

Zurvita Wins 13 MarCom Awards

Zurvita earned a total of 13 awards in the 2020 MarCom Awards, placing among the top award winners in the competition. Zurvita was honored with five Platinum awards, eight Gold awards and six Honorable Mentions.