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Promoting Your Zeal for Life

These great-tasting products transform your life from inside out.

What You're Getting

A variety of nutrient- and vitamin-rich products developed to empower your health and happiness, clinically shown to improve your mood and increase your productivity.

Why You Need It

Each product’s assortment of botanicals and ingredients combined becomes a one-stop-shop of nutrition that’s not only delicious, but cost-effective and backed by science, too.

How Do You Take It?

All products were designed for ease, regardless of any lifestyle. Just add it to your beverage of choice, shake and take!

Invigorate Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Unlock the power of nutrition through Zurvita's array of products that’s backed by science and clinically-shown to take your health and wellness aspirations to new heights.

Zeal – our flagship product – may come in a variety of shapes, sizes and fruity flavors, but one thing remains the same: It changes lives. The power behind this plant-based nutritional drink makes a real difference.

The difference is backed by science. A study from independent third-party research firm KGK Synergize confirms that the positive benefits of drinking Zeal include improved mood, stronger vigor and vitality and less anxiety and fatigue.

Great taste. Better results.

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The All-Purpose Solution

We've formulated our entire product line so not only is it easy to take and fit for any lifestyle, but also one that leaves a significant impact.

Early Riser

Seize the day from the get-go with a dose of energy.

Working Parent

Juggling tasks gets a bit easier with a renewed focus.

Gaming Guru

The final boss has no chance with an enhanced mindset.

Premier Athlete

The gains get taken to another level with an extra boost of wellness.


No matter your day-to-day, Zurvita products are built for your benefit, to give you a health-boosting, energizing experience!

Zeal for Meals

Putting the WE in wellness. We're committed to aiding the fight against world hunger with your help.

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Zeal for Meals

The impact of Zeal goes beyond its health benefits. World hunger remains a prevalent, worldwide issue, and Zurvita is committed to fighting this. Our goal is to provide one million meals to those that are hungry. To reach our goal, we will be donating three meals for every Zeal Canister sold.

Our mission is to feed hope and spread compassion.
- CEO and Co-Founder Jay Shafer

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Product Promise

We continue to push the boundaries of innovation to provide effective health and wellness products made up of the most powerful and nourishing ingredients available today.

All of our products are guaranteed to be 100% all-natural and clean with either Informed Choice or Informed Sport certification – assurance that our product is free from contamination and harmful substances.